The 4th Annual International Seminar On Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL)-2019

The 4th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL-2019) will be held from 23 to 24 September 2019 in Garuda Plaza Hotel, Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.18, Medan City, North Sumatera Province,Indonesia.

This Seminar invite you to participate and contribute to international forum for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, generic, applied  and research areas of Education and Educational Leadership, through the following modes of communication: Plenary/ Keynote Presentation, Parallel Sessions and Poster Sessions.

AISTEEL welcomes you to submit your papers on topic indicated below in section “SCOPE”. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the seminar based on quality, relevance and originality.

It is anticipated that a broad range of research and applied topics will be covered during the conference. Papers in the theoretical category should deal with models, concepts, and structures; papers in the generic category should present research results of broad applicability; and papers in the applied category should show how the demands of particular application areas shape the way generic research is translated into practical innovation.

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